What does this treatment achieve?

Dental implants, as shown in the image, are similar to an artificial root that adapts to the dentition of a person. The primary role of the implant is to be fitted in the place where a tooth (or teeth) have been lost so that this area recovers the masticatory function, and dental aesthetics.

The implant-supported solution improves the quality of life of many patients, regardless of age, as it improves the ability to chew food.

What is the procedure like?

It is carried out under local anaesthesia like any operation procedure, but in situations where the patient requires, it can be carried out under sedation or general anaesthesia.

Once the implants have been fitted, an osseointegration period is required which may vary between 2 and 5 months, therefore on the same day that the implants are fitted it may be possible to fit temporary ones (provided that the conditions are suitable). 

At Bener Dental Clinic we will look for the best solution to ensure that the patient always has temporary implants during that period and can continue to smile without missing any teeth.

In which cases is it not possible to fit an implant?

Nowadays it is possible to fit implants in almost all cases, which means that sometimes it will be necessary to carry out prior regenerative surgery in order to obtain bone (sinus lifts and volume and height increase with different types of approaches).

There are different ways of obtaining the missing bone depending on each situation: scanner photo of bone augmentation, photo of increase in volume with gum...each case will be studied in order to assess the best option.

What types of implant prostheses are there?

There are different types of prostheses when it comes to fitting teeth onto implants. 

A) If we are only fitting an implant: crown over implant
B) If we are fitting two or three adjacent implants: a bridge over implants
C) If fitting a complete arch:
    1. Fixed prosthesis (a hybrid of resin or ceramic) or
    2. Removable prosthesis (over denture with attachment or telescopic).  

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