Dental Veneers

Dental veneers along with whitening, is currently the most sought-after cosmetic treatment.
Just as with whitening, there are different types and the option should be studied and assessed by the patient and the restorative dentist.

What does this treatment achieve?

Dental veneers are a conservative treatment that modifies the appearance of teeth that have defects in terms of colour, shape and proportion.
This type of treatment gives your smile a new look, making it more harmonious and younger looking, thus improving the appearance of your overall face.

Which type of veneers are there?

This improved smile can be attained using veneers made from two materials.


Composite veneers are a conservative dental treatment that involve improving the appearance of your smile by changing the shape and design of the tooth using composite layers that are applied to the outer surface of the tooth.
This is a minimally invasive treatment, that enables you to keep your own teeth, and in addition to achieving an ideal finish, it offers great durability.


A single appointment (in addition to planning)
Possibility to correct or repair
There is no tooth wear, or it is minimal
Intact teeth


Colour stability is more comprised, requires periodical re-polishing, very closely related to patient´s oral hygiene.


Just like composite veneers, they are applied to the outer surface of the tooth and make it possible to keep your own teeth. 
Ceramic veneers are fitted in two clinical sessions, normally the veneers are designed individually with minimum preparation of teeth, and they are then fitted to teeth in a second session.


Greater mechanical reconstruction
Better shade maintenance
More cost-effective in the long term 


Minimal carving of teeth

What is the difference with dental crowns?

The difference is that dental crowns or caps are a type of cap that covers the entire tooth due to functional issues owing to damage to the tooth. 

Unlike with crowns, in order to apply these caps or crowns, it is necessary to file down the entire tooth in order to reduce the thickness of it and thus be able to fit the tooth without visible enlargement.

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