Dental Whitening

Dental whitening is a conservative cosmetic treatment that is aimed at brightening smiles. 

How is the whitening carried out?

There are 2 forms of whitening, at the clinic or at home.


1. 1 Internal whitening:

Used on root canals with significant colour saturation that make the smile uglier as normally a single tooth is much darker than the others.
In several clinical sessions and using different substances it is possible to reduce saturation and return the tooth to its original colour, or a colour identical to or similar to neighbouring teeth.

1. 2 General vital whitening:

Used on vital teeth and those that are generally more yellowish, brownish and/or darker.
A notable change of colour to all teeth is attained quickly in a clinical session. If you want to see quick results, then this would be the right choice.

2-    AT HOME

Used on vital teeth, which have a generally more yellowish change of colour. In a way that is easy and convenient for the patient, they use products at home that will, in a progressive but very effective way, gradually eliminate the yellowish, brown and dull appearance of the smile. This restores a whiter and more radiant colour to your overall smile. If time is not a determining factor, then this is the recommended treatment.

Sometimes treatments can be combined with one another in order to attain the desired result. They are all non-invasive cosmetic treatments, where the tooth remains intact and there is no need to reduce enamel, and they are thus our number 1 option whenever the shape and proportions are suitable. 

The most suitable option in each case should be studied and assessed by the patient and dentist together.

Is it possible to whiten all teeth in all cases?

Not all tooth stains or discolorations can be removed or improved using teeth whitening, and they may require another type of cosmetic dentistry treatment such as the use of porcelain veneers...

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