Dental Surgery

Oral surgery is the oldest recognised speciality within dentistry and part of it concerns the diagnosis and surgical treatment of illnesses, abnormalities and injuries to teeth, the mouth, jaw bones and contiguous tissue.

This is the medical field that includes the diagnosis and surgical treatment of illnesses, injuries and malformations that involve functional and cosmetic aspects of soft and hard tissues of the mouth, teeth, gums, mandible, jaw and wisdom teeth.


Gingival grafts are procedures to regain lost gum tissue, both on teeth due to recession and in edentulous areas in order to increase volume, as around implants in order to enhance predictability.

Bone grafts are procedures that we carry out in order to obtain bone in situations where the lack of it makes it impossible to fit implants. Or in cases where even if it does not make it impossible, it does compromise the aesthetic of the fitting.

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